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Save Money & Print your own Deposit Slips for Quickbooks

This post will show you how to print your own banking deposit slips and then have QuickBooks automatically fill them out so all you have to do is drop off the slip and your pile of checks at the bank. 

We will perform this feat in two steps. In the first step we'll setup the Excel template to print the deposit slips. In the second step we'll feed our printer with the efforts of our first step and have Quickbooks fill out the deposit slip.

How to Install Fonts in Windows 7

Figure 1 - Install a font in Windows 7Summary: This post briefly covers installing a font in Windows 7. We used the font in this particular example as part of our project to print our own banking deposit slips. The Font was used to print the Bank Routing number and Account number on the deposit slip

  1. Download the Font. In our case it is micrenc.ttf
  2. Righ click with your mouse  on the file to bring up the menu in the photo to the right. (click to zoom in)
  3. Click on "Install"
  4. Congratulations, you have just installed your Font.

Robert Wray's Iphone Apps List

Some friends of mine just bought iPhones and they wanted to know what apps to get.  Other than the built in apps, below are the apps I use on my phone.   For a list of hacked apps, see my pervious post.  
Apps I'm currently using: 
  • Facebook - Free.
  • Google Voice - Free. Ring multiple phones, find me features, txting on your desktop, Call Screening, voicemail to email, voicemail transcription

Critical Programs to Update

List of Programs we recommend keeping updated

Keeping updated helps keep your computer secure and free of spyware and viruses.  With fake security alerts it can be difficult to know what to keep updated.  If you see pop-ups for the any of the following programs, you should click to update them.  For Windows 7 systems you click on the arrow in your system tray to see all notifications.

Windows 7:

Windows XP:

Turn your TV into art with Flickr

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Free Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 Released

Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.  It is free for home users and free for small businesses with 10 PCs or fewer.

Google warns of fake antivirus software

According to the following BBC article, Google studied 240 million websites over 13 months, and found that 15% of all malware is fake antivirus software, and discovered over 11,000 domains distributing the fake software.  It is best to stay with known antivirus providers such as Symantec, Microsoft, and AVG, and not to be tricked into clicking on links or fake windows.

Testing the new Clearwire Wimax wireless internet

We have suggested to many of you to buy a wireless connection to fill your need for constant connectivity. This could be for connectivity on the go or for a backup internet connection when your cable or DSL line goes down. XOHM has merged with clearwire. As part of this merger, all the XOHM hardware is getting deactivated and "Clear" hardware has been sent out as a replacement. We got our new Clear hardware today for our XOHM monthly account.

Forgot what the ITC team looks like?

Have we done so much remote work and preventative maintenance for your office that you forgot what we look like?  Check out our current group photo shot.   We also plan to do a winter party soon, so please come see us there too.  We expect the party to happen in January or February.  Check back here soon or follow us on twitter.  @innov8usa.

Cloud Computing

What is "Cloud Computing"?  CNN provides a good explanation in this video: 

See your disk usage

Hard drives often run out of space, which in addition to lack of file storage, can cause very noticeable operating system performance issues.  When trying to clean up a drive, it is often difficult to find what is the real space-killer.

WinDirStat is a free application that analyzes the drive and creates a visual interactive map of your drive's file usage, allowing you to see exactly what is using up space so that you can make decisions on what to delete.


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